Rich creamy salmon

Our smoked salmon is a great place to start your journey into our world of freshly smoked fish.

salmon banner

First you notice the colour – smooth golden orange.
As you cut through the thin firm smoked layer, you notice the texture of the flesh below – moist and creamy, as soft as crème fraiche.
You could eat it with a spoon.

And the taste . . . the sumptuous mouth feel and intense almost nutty taste of salmon that has been cared for from the moment it was harvested on Stewart Island.

Try it with a classic

Ahia Fresh-Smoked Salmon takes eggs Benedict to a whole new level, and with the help of some capers and salad greens it can turn a bowl of brown rice into a meal fit for a king who wants a great source of healthy Omega 3 oils.
As a mousse or in filo pastry it is divine, and because Ahia Fresh-Smoked Salmon is so flavoursome a little goes a long way.

Salmon is not native to New Zealand, and so was not a traditional food for Ngati Porou, but then we didn’t have Hollandaise sauce back then either, so it didn’t matter quite so much.