Mild and tender

Hoki has a great texture for smoking. Ahia Smoked Hoki is a soft golden colour on the outside with dazzlingly white flesh and a mild flavour that children love.

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We have a special technique for filleting hoki to prepare it for smoking.
It keeps it together and allows it to retain its moisture. The flesh is firm and slowly melts in the mouth. Our lightly-smoked hoki has a flakiness that makes it fantastic in sauce with a little sharp cheese. Our careful selection and the care we take processing our hoki makes all the difference and allows you to take your fish pies and tacos to a whole new level.

Our Hoki is only sourced from a sustainable fishery that is Marine Stewardship Council, MSC certified which is globally recognised.

Hoki was not a species traditionally eaten by the people of Ngati Porou, but it was just too good to leave out of our range.